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National Cervical Cancer Month
Cervical Cancer Screening

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Heart Health Month

Heart Disease: It Can Happen At Any Age


National Nutritional
Sleep Awareness Month

Nutrition & Sleep


10 Tips for Good Health

Reduce Your Stress to Improve Your Well-Being

Staff Wellness

You Can't pour from an empty cup.
Take care of yourself first.


Practice Self-Care. Take time to replenish....

~ Go for a walk and breathe fresh air.
~ Spend time at the lake. Listen to running water.
~ Take a hot shower or a warm bath.
~ Get creative! Do some art, journal, or play some music.
~ Garden. Plant flowers.
~ Go on a lunch date with a friend.
~ Practice gratitude-journal about things you are grateful for.
~ Appreciate a sunset. Watch birds. Listen to the trees blowing in the wind.
~ Join an interest group-photography, geneology, book club, drama group.
~ Take a day trip, explore, see new sites or revisit favorite sites.


Take time to stay healthy...

~ Listen to your body.
~ Establish a good relationship with a primary physician.
~ Get annual wellness checks and keep follow-up appointments.
~ Maintain a healthy diet, rich in fiber, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.
~ Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

~ Exercise. Walk with a friend. Join a fitness club. Garden. Swim.

Take advantage of incentives offered through your health insurance.

Ask for help when needed and accept support when it is offered.

Access professional services when going through difficult life expereinces.

Celebrate your successes and accomplishments!