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Record Review

The Big Sandy Community Action Program (BSACAP) Head Start Grantee Office conducts an annual review of child records from each classroom as one of the ways to help ensure the program is providing quality services.

During this time, a sampling of 5 records are randomly selected from each classroom and reviewed by multiple staff within the grantee office for accuracy. If a problem is found in any section of the record, the classroom receives a “negative finding” in that area. The average number of negative findings was 10.5 per classroom. We are happy to report that this is the fewest findings (on average) ever recorded during this annual review.
Congratulations to all the program staff on this accomlishment. We have some of the best people in Eastern KY working in the Big Sandy Head Start program and your outstanding recordkeeping is just another reason that we know that statement to be true. Great job!

A link to the list of the top (fewest negative findings) 20 classrooms is located on the left side of this page.


Special Recognition

Top Performimg Classrooms:
Floyd ~ Allen B ~ 0 Findings
Floyd - May Valley A ~ 0 Findings
Pike -Elkhorn City B ~ 0 Findings

Top Performing Program:
Floyd County ~ 3.8 Findings Averaged per Classroom


Classroom Recognized for the 8th Consecutive Year:
Allen B ~ Floyd County

Classroom Recognized for the 5th Consecutive Year:
DACE A ~ Floyd County

Classroom Recognized for the 4th Consecutive Year:
Elkhorn City B ~ Pike County

Classrooms Recognized for the 3rd Consecutive Year:
Betsy Layne B ~ Floyd County
Prestonsburg B ~ Floyd County
South Floyd C ~ Floyd County

Classrooms Recognized for the 2nd Consecutive Year:
May Valley A ~ Floyd County
Prestonsburg A ~ Floyd County
DACE B ~ Floyd County
Eden B ~ Martin County
Dorton ~ Pike County