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Clinic Sites:

Belfry 353-1287
Inez 298-7902
Martin 285-3142
Paintsville 789-3518
Pikeville 432-3143
Mental Health

Head Start programs play a vital role in supporting the social-emotional and mental health of children and families. The program focuses on ways to help keep little problems little and make bigger problems easier to handle. Protective factors can help develop children's ability to cope so that they can become resilient, heal, and recover. Head Start programs are uniquely positioned to provide protective factors, such as strong, trusting relationships and safe, stable environments that promote healing for children, families, and staff. Services include workshops designed to help with development of children's social-emotional skills both at home and in the classroom, and use of effective discipline strategies. Discussions regarding strategies how to deal with challenging behaviors and providing help during times of change and access community resources are provided.

Anyone interested in learning about these services and more may contact a Head Start Family Advocate. Contact information is located under the Contact Us tab located at the top of this page;
By contacting Ashley Spradlin, Mental Health Services Manager, at or calling 606-789-1600.


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Mental Health Consultant Services & School Based Therapist Schedules


Floyd County
Mental Health Consultant: Michelle Watkins, LPCC-S

School Based Therapist Schedule:

Allen Elementary
Rita Scott
Seth Huff
Tues & Thurs 8am-3pm
Mon 8am-3pm
Betsy Layne Elementary
Tabitha Fields
Mon & Fri 8am-3pm
DACE Elementary
Tabitha Fields
Wed & Thurs 8am-3pm
May Valley Elementary
Ethan Gayheart
Tues & Thurs 8am-3pm
Prestonsburg Elementary Rita Scott Mon & Wed 8am-3pm
South Floyd Elementary Seth Huff Wed & Fri 8am - 3pm
Stumbo Elementary Ethan Gayheart Wed 8am-3pm


Johnson County
Mental Health Consultant: Dani Vanderpool, LPCC

School Based Therapist Schedule:

Central Elementary
Becky Estep
Mon-Fri: 8am-3pm
Flat Gap Elementary
Lisa Rachelle Kestner
Thurs-Fri 8am-3pm
Highland Elementary
Richa Cochran
Wed- Fri 8am-3pm
Porter Elementary
Richa Cochran
Mon & Tues 8am-3pm
W.R. Castle Elementary Brittany Collins Mon-Fri 8am-3pm


Magoffin County
Mental Health Consultant: Dani Vanderpool, LPCC

School Based Therapist Schedule:

North Magoffin Elementary
Dani Liverpool
Mon & Tues 8am-3pm
Salyersville Grade School
Dani Liverpool
Wed& Thurs 8:00am-3pm
South Magoffin Elementary
Dani Liverpool
Fri 8am-3pm
Martin County
Mental Health Consultant: Dani Vanderpool, LPCC

School Based Therapist Schedule:

Eden Elementary
Kristi Maynard
Fri 8am-3:00pm
Inez Elementary
Kristi Maynard
Wed 8am-3pm
Warfield Elementary
Kristi Maynard
Mon 8am-3pm


Paintsville City
Mental Health Consultant: Dani Vanderpool, LPCC

School Based Therapist Schedule:

Paintsville City Elementary
Lisa Rachelle Kestner Mon & Wed 8am-3pm


Pike County
Mental Health Consultant: Samantha Preece, LPCC

School Based Therapist Schedule:

Belfry Elementary Angel Moore TBD
Bevins Angel Moore TBD
Dorton Elementary Marquita Bailey Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Elkhorn City Elementary
Amber McCoy
Mon-Wed: 8am-3pm
Feds Creek Elementary
James Andrew Green
Thur & Fri 8am-3pm
Johns Creek Elementary
Penelope Campbell
Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Kimper Elementary
William Crum
Mon 8am-3pm
Millard Elementary Courtney Ratliff Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Mullins Elementary Maria Stevens Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Phelps Elementary Angel Moore TBD
Valley Elementary Trista Robinson
Kayla Blackburn
Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Pikeville Elementary
Tara Potter Mon-Fri 8am-3pm