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One of our goals is to ensure that each child enrolled in Head Start is up-to-date on age appropriate health care. Head Start recognizes that good health is very important to a child's physical, social-emotional, and cognitive growth and development. A child that isn't healthy can sometimes have a hard time learning. Our goal is to provide high-quality early learning opportunities that support school readiness, and this includes promoting good health.

When physicals and immunizations are out of date, children run the risk of getting sick and spreading illnesses to other children and vica versa. Dental problems can also be a concern. Nothing hurts worse than a toothache, except maybe an ear ache. Dental problems are something that can be prevented with proper care. This includes a dental exam, cleaning and flouride treatment, and getting dental work done if needed. Sometimes a child's behavior can be caused by health issues such as being in pain. If they have had a problem for a long time, the child may think that this is normal and not even complain, but yet act out their feelings in the classroom.


Health Advisory Committee

Thank you to all the members and staff who attend our Health Advisory Meetings. Your time and consideration, as well as your support, are greatly appreciated. We are always looking to extend the membership of our Health Advisory Committee with providers who can offer recommendations. If you are a professional, and would be interested in becoming a member, please contact the Head Start Grantee Office at 606-789-1600 or email ttaulbee@bsacap.org . Meetings are held twice a year. If you are unable to commit to membership or attend meetings, a representative from your facility is welcome to share and discuss your services with the Health Advisory Committee.

Health Advisory By Laws

Health Advisory Minutes April 29, 2021