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Renewing Your CDA

The Council for Professional Recognition
Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential
Renewal Procedures

All CDA Renewal Applications need to be submitted online to The Council For Professional Recognition at

A. Documents
Before starting your online application, you will need to scan and save the following documents on your electronic device, or save images of the documents using a smart phone or electronic tablet, so that you can upload them to the Council during the application process:

1. CDA Renewal Candidate Training Verification Form
This form will need to be completed and signed by your Delegate Director, Education Services Manager, or Patti Miller. In order to verify that you meet the training requirements, they will need to review documentation that you have completed 3 ECE college credits, 4.5 CEUs, or 45 clock hours in early childhood training after the date your last certificate was issued.

2. Valid First Aid Certification

3. Infant/Toddler (Prediatric) CPR Certification

4. Kentucky Head Start Association (KHSA) Membership
If you do not have a membership card for the current year, contact Shawna Howell or Patti Miller at the Grantee Office to request that a card be sent to you.

B. Electronic Application
Once you have electronically saved your documents, you are ready to start the online application process.
Go to

If you do not already have an account, you will need to register for a YourCDA online account. At the YourCDA Login box, click "New Registration".
Important Note: Make sure to select "Yes" when asked, "Have you ever applied for a CDA Credential?"

You will receive a confirmation email. Use the username and temporary password to login to YourCDA. You will be prompted to change your password.

Follow the instructions online to complete your application.

C. Preschool Work Experience
During the application process you will be asked to provide your Delegate Director's email address.
The Director will be contacted by email to provide electronic verification directly to the Council that you have worked a minimum of 80 hours with children in the Preschool setting (ages 3-5) during the past year.

D. ECE Reviewer
You will also be asked to provide your Early Childhood Education (ECE) Reviewer's email address.
The Reviewer will be contacted by email to provide an electronic recommendation for renewal directly to the Council. ECE Reviewers are:

Kim Grubb

Teresa Goodson

Lea Beckett

Johnson, Magoffin, Martin, Model City, and Paintsville City
Tammy Scarberry

F. Payment
Once you have completed the application and uploaded all the necessary documents, you will need to locate your Seven (7) Digit Customer ID Number.

Give your Customer ID Number to Patti Miller by
Phone: 789-1600

Patti will get you an invoice number to enter on the Payment Page.

Once you have submitted the invoice number, if all the required documents have been uploaded and verifications have been completed, you should receive your new certificate within a few days.


Remember to send a copy of your CDA Credential to Patti Miller as soon as you receive it, so that a copy can be maintained at the Grantee Office.